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Hi, I’m Natalie Burger

I am a qualified Teacher with 15 years of experience teaching the Maths curriculum to South African children (Grade 4 – 9). I also have an Honours degree in Mathematics Education.

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Testimonials from past Students

A Grade 6 student

“I have gotten the best Maths marks in all my school years and it is all because of you. You teach in a way that makes me listen. I don’t know how you do it, but you do. Thank you.”

Parent of A Grade 7 student

“Thank you for the extra long lesson today. My child can’t stop raving about it – as you could see he didn’t want to stop. With comments like ‘this is so much better than a normal Maths lesson’ and ‘this is fun’ – the online aspect  (and the fact that you’re a great Teacher) works really well. Thank you so much.”

Parent of A Grade 8 student

“Natalie Burger ( – Online – no transport issues, timeous, calm – private chat room via ZOOM, – really knows how to get it home in a chilled out way. In fact we did our tuition in two different countries. She’s fantastic!”

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